Hello, I'm nolemretaW, and this is my space where I'll ramble about my attempts at programming, computer related stuff, and other things, depends whatever I'm currently up to.

My language of choice is C#, in which I don't know how much experience I have. I could say that it's my main programming language since like 2020, but I don't think that writing something stupid and having it not work, or pushing it into a private repo is considered "experience". Other than C#, I also developed some stuff mostly in Javascript. My goal is to learn some day a low level language like C, or assembly for a simple CPU like MOS Technology 6502 (it's old but very simple to understand how it works).

My machines

My daily driver is "deimos", a PC from late 2020 running Arch Linux and KDE Plasma 6. It has an i5-9600KF, 32 GB of RAM (which I didn't utilize fully yet), and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER. I have 2 monitors connected to it, primary being Samsung Odyssey G5 running at 2560x1440@165 Hz, secondary is an old 5:4 monitor running at 1280x1024.

My secondary machine is a laptop with hostname "phobos", Acer Aspire 5 A515-56 with i5-1135G7 and 8 GB of RAM. It's running Arch Linux, also with Plasma, and even though I hate Acer laptops, it's running Linux suprisingly well, with most things running out of the box, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and sound.

My newest addition to my collection, a retro PC, "slayer", running Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 on Core 2 Duo E6600 (changed from Pentium D 945), NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT 1 GB (changed from ATI Radeon X1600 PRO), 2 GB of DDR2 RAM and 500 GB SATA HDD. It's beige and it was free. The only bad thing about thing is that it lacks front panel audio connectors, but I don't care about them that much. It runs Crysis at 30-40 fps in low settings, 1280x1024 and DX10, and GTA 4 in "playable" framerate at absolutely lowest settings, at lowest resolution possible.

And finally, my third machine, the server this website is running on named "eternal". It's actually a thin client, Dell Wyse Zx0. Specification is nothing special, old embedded CPU, old GPU, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, and 8 GB of system disk with Arch Linux. I like it because it was very cheap (I paid 99 zł (23 €/$25) for the complete thing, with 2,5'' SATA drive bay) and it's passively cooled allowing to run 24/7 without any unnessesary noises. It's running a bunch of things for me, starting with this very website (nginx and php-fpm), SMB file share (samba), and ending on a media server (jellyfin). It's running all of them great (except jellyfin which can't transcode stuff), with 0% CPU usage and 300 MB RAM usage when idle.

As you can see, I use arch btw, because it works the best for me. Lightweight, allows me to fine tune it to machine I'm running it on, it's rolling release, I'm not forced to use packages that someone who made this distro decided to install as default.